December 22, 2017

Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning crosses milestone

BURLINGTON — Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning announced today that the firm has crossed $500 million in client assets under management. Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning is owned and managed by Michael McCormack, Peter Trottier, and Brigette White. Managing Partner Michael McCormack states, “We have crossed a significant milestone for our firm. This has been accomplished by developing and refining our personalized comprehensive wealth management program, and only working with those who are serious about building wealth and legacies for the long term.”
The firm believes that no situation is the same and as such no single answer is appropriate for everyone. Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning does not conform to model solutions, portfolios, or cookie cutter documents.
Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning trades through Raymond James, an independent broker dealer. The planners at Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning do not work for Raymond James. This is different from the traditional brokerage model of the wire house firms. McCormack states, “We work for our clients first, then our business partners. We don’t work for a large financial institution first. In fact, we don’t work for one at all.”
Brigette White states; “We thoroughly enjoy the work we do for our clients and believe that most can benefit from a high-level analysis of their financial lives. Financial planning, at its roots, goes far beyond stocks and bonds.”
Hickok and Boardman Financial Planning does not advertise. Peter Trottier commented “A significant portion of our new clients are generated by client referrals. As a practitioner, that is the single biggest complement one can get professionally.”
McCormack concludes, “Compared to the traditional brokerage firm, we have a limited number of clients. This allows us to get to know our clients very personally.” The majority of the clients of Hickok & Boardman Financial work and live in the Vermont community. As a relatively small and local firm, McCormack, Trottier and White want to thank our loyal and growing client base for the faith and trust they have placed in us over the years.

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